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budgetting and money management application

Built on the latest .Net Core platform with Angular 7. It's been designed to be a PWA (Progressive Web Application) so that it can be installed like a native application on mobile devices.

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Charlotte Cory Responsive
Charlotte Cory is the famous artist behind Vistoriana, an alternate 19th Century.

Charlotte needed a new website and online store to leverage current technologies. She needed a website that would look beautiful on all devices and be easy to manage. It needed to have a simple and efficient backend to allow her to quickly add new pages or make revisions to existing ones. She also needed to be able to make new pages that she could publish at a later date and also maintain a history of each page.
To achieve what was necessary we have worked very closely with Charlotte to develop a system that she is comfortable using.

a complete, fantastical, wholly convincing alternative 19th Century. A post-Darwinian universe of reworked, recycled, collaged and montaged Victorian photography and taxidermy in which the animals are clearly in charge.

From Charlotte Cory's Biografia
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